Starting an allotment- August, the one with all the harvests

It’s pay off time, the last few months of digging and planting have all been for something as we navigate courgette gluts, lay onions out to dry, dig up potatoes, and laugh at funky shaped carrots.

What happens when you transplant carrots

We’ve been picking french beans, stir fried chard, and taking regular cutting off the broccoli.

Onions and Swiss chard

Thoughts are now turning to autumn, my jack be little seeds must have been mislabelled as there is a fairly large pumpkin on the way.

The sprouts look almost ready to go, and we’ve sown more radishes, pak choi, and spring onions.

We’re starting to dig over one of the beds we covered in June in preparation for overwintering broad beans, and I’m eyeing up a dwarf apple tree and maybe a pear tree too.

Working from home has definitely helped with this. When we were in the office 4-5 days a week often we weren’t home until nearly 7pm and the idea of heading out to dig a potato bed would have been unimaginable.

Our office is slowly reopening now but with a very flexible home working policy so it’s going to be about finding the balance between office and home that works for us. But it seems like the allotment is here to stay. We’re committing to planting fruit trees, asparagus, and rhubarb all of which require patience to get established but I can’t wait.

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